Our 6th official event: “The history of Kobe/ Let`s craft beads!”


6th Official Event: Let`s study the history of Kobe/Let`s craft our own glass beads!

Our event in December was for the purpose of studying the history of Kobe, as well as visiting the Lampwork Glass Museum to craft our own glass beads.

After everybody crafted their very individual glass bead, we watched the astonishing historical and modern exhibits of glass artists from ancient to modern times.

The second part of our tour was dedicated to the history of Kobe. “Tsunagu”, connecting the past to the present and future was the theme of this exhibition.
For example, did you know, that Kobe has been the capital of Japan once in 1180?

Again, everybody enjoyed the last tour of this year and we`re looking forward to the many more tours coming up next year!

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