Our 5th official event: “Autumn leaves at the Arboretum and Mount Rokko Pasture”


Our third official tour was dedicated to the colors of autumn. We went on a trip to the Kobe Municipal Arboretum and the Mount Rokko Pasture to watch many beautiful maple leaves, enjoy nature and all the splendid colors it has to offer at this season.

After a long ride on a winding mountain road with seemingly endless curves, that offered us a spectacular view on the city, harbor and sea of Kobe, we arrived, delayed and shaken at the arboretum.

Blessed with glorious weather, the beautiful scenery presented itself in the best possible light. Also, thanks to Charmie, who prepared homemade ladoo (sweets) and samosa for everybody on the occasion of the Indian Diwali festival on the day before.

The next station was the Mount Rokko Pasture, a public pasture farm, known for its beautiful natural settings. After encountering many fluffy sheep, rabbits, goats, cows and horses, we tried to make butter by ourselves. Shaking the cream until it curdled stressed our arm muscles, but rewarded us with rich and tasty butter. Hopefully, all ambassadors will spread the word, that dairy products from Kobe are delicious.

Again, everybody enjoyed this tour, the beautiful nature and golden autumn weather and growing friendship between the ambassadors. We`re looking forward to our next tour!

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