Our 4th Official Event: Visit of a Sake brewery and tasting sake!


Our second official tour took us to the Shushinkan (“Palace of the Spirit of Sake”), where we learned how Japanese rice wine, Sake is made. While we were waiting at the meeting point, we had the rare opportunity to witness a gorgeous Japanese wedding, held at the same location.

The friendly staff at Shushinkan welcomed us with a short speech and introduced us into the art of sake-brewing with a very educational video in English. After we enjoyed two types of wine, one sake and one plum wine, umeshu, of the famous brand Fukuju, we took a shopping stroll and moved over to Chikiya.

The friendly owner couple overwhelmed us once more with their unmatched hospitality, when they prepared five types of difficult, but all delicious sake and an abundance of food. A sake cup in one, a toothpick with a snack in the other, we enjoyed the taste sensations and the friendly atmosphere.

The golden autumn sun, the crystal clear sake and the relaxed atmosphere made this event a great success. We all liked the food, and many of us have developed a taste for sake, and enhanced the friendship between the ambassadors.

We`re looking forward to our next tour!


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