Our 3rd Official Event: Making the Sobameshi at Chikiya


Our third official event for the Kobe PR Ambassadors took us to the cozy little restaurant “Chikiya” to discover the mostly unknown local delicacy “Sobameshi” on September 27.

The owner, Mr. Chiki gave us an impressive presentation of his skills in the art of wielding spatulas and chopping noodles. After enjoying his most generous tidbit, premium quality Kobe-beef, we could indulge into the pleasure of chopping noodles and making up our own Sobameshi, or should I rather say “soba-mashing”?

While competing in spatula-wielding and seasoning our dishes, we all enjoyed this experience. Our special thanks to Ms. And Mr. Chiki for their unmatched hospitality. They took the utmost care for everybody and also provided vegetarian and dishes without fish.

We are all looking forward to many more pleasurable events in the future.

Our Kobe PR Ambassadors were enthusiastic to try to make the Sobameshi themselves!

See you next time!

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