Greetings From Kobe-PR-Ambassadors, Viviana Di Blasi

Kobe PRAs

Hi dears!

First of all, thank you for re-inviting me to be a part of the PR Kobe ambassador team!

My name is Viviana Di Blasi, I’m born in Varese in the north of Italy, however since my father came from Sicily and I used to spend all my holidays in a little city on the south of Italy. Therefore, I consider Palma di Montechiaro on the Mediterranean coast as the town of my soul. Being used to the ocean, living in the big port city Kobe, makes me feel at home.

I studied at the Politecnico of Milano, worked there and now am a freelance architect. I’ve acquired skills in planning, designing, and developing buildings. My wish is to help the environment through the reuse of pre-existing buildings and renewing them into ecofriendly, sustainable, welcoming spaces. Experiencing Ikebana and Kintsugi, and learning from the respectful building tradition of Japan is inspiring to me daily, enriching for my creativity! That’s why, my favorite place in Kobe, apart from the hiking paths on the mount Rokko, is the Takenaka museum. I hope that these great experiences will soon take form in some new project.

Before moving to Japan I lived in Germany for 12 years where I got married and was blessed with two girls that are now attending the Canadian Academy on Rokko Island. Since my family has a lot of guests visiting from Europe (apart from now with the pandemic), and I’m always looking for ideas on how to entertaining them. Being a PR Kobe ambassador motivates me to look for new experiences, and moreover allows me to meet international, extravagant, hilarious and interesting people. This city is a blessing!

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