Greetings From Kobe-PR-Ambassadors, Pham Thi Lac Thu

Kobe PRAs

My name is Pham Thi Lac Thu from Vietnam. I have been living in Kobe for 3 years for my study in Kobe University.

I love the city of Kobe and it is my pleasure to be a member of Kobe Public Relations Ambassadors 2020-2021, where I have chances to meet other non-Japanese ambassadors and to share with each other about our lives experiences, our favorite things to do and favorite places for visiting in this beautiful city.

Coming to Kobe, you can explore the city’s charms and beauties every season. I love visiting Mount Rokko to see cherry blossom blooming in spring and autumn leaf colors, going for walks in Meriken Park and Kobe Port area in summer nights with cool breezes, and enjoying hot spring in Arima Onsen in winter. Diverse cuisines of traditional Japanese, Western and Asian flavors and recipes in Kobe are also worth trying.

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