Tour to Minatogawa Market, August 1st


The Kobe PR Ambassadors went on their first joint excursion to Minatogawa Market, called “Kobe`s kitchen”. Here`s the report:

The 1st tour going to Minatogawa-chiku Shoutengai-Ichiba was blessed with fine weather and successfully held on August 1 last Saturday. Our PR ambassadors were warmly welcomed by Mr. Mori, the Chairman of Marushin Ichiba and then visited the Kobe Shinsen Ichiba, also known as the “Kitchen of Kobe” with over 500 shops and restaurants in the shopping streets and malls. Domestic cuisine, fresh food and drinks and local businesses can be found in the area of Minatogawa. Due to the novel coronavirus, the participants were split into two small groups to avoid close-contact

Group 1

Group 2

Mr. Mori introduced us to the history of Marushin Ichiba. It was opened in 1947.

Our PR ambassadors were first kindly invited to taste chicken meat and no-additive “Yuba tofu” (Tofu with soy-milk skin) in the Marushin Ichiba and they enjoyed the tasting much. Later on, they went to a “Seitai” shop to understand how chiropractic treatment helps correct one’s backbone and improve one’s physical conditions by employing acupressure and massages.

PR ambassadors enjoyed much of juicy and soft Chicken.

The owner taught ambassadors how we can correct the wrong shape of bones

After that, our ambassadors moved on to Higashiyama Shopping Street to try Lemon Water and the traditional drink “Hiyashiame” in Kansai area made of Mizuame (melted sugar) and Ginger. Over 100 vendors in the shopping streets sell many fresh ingredients at reasonable prices and PR ambassadors enjoyed shopping here!

Traditional drinks made of Lemon Water and Hiyashiame

Our PR ambassadors later on moved to a butcher shop to enjoy Steak and black pork. Afterward, they also visited the “No.1 Roasted Sweet Potatoes 2020 in Japan”. The owner was very excited to share his joy of being No.1. The PR ambassadors tasted the No.1 sweet potatoes and they were enthusiastic to interact with him and observe how No.1 Roasted Sweet Potatoes are made.

Our PR ambassadors received cooling face guards for their masks from the vendor.

The weather was fine but very hot on that day. PR ambassadors walked around the Minatogawa Shopping Street and enjoyed shaved ice to beat the summer heat. Then, they visited Japanese traditional shops to observe the “Gofuku”, a style of Japanese costume (Kimono) and cakes for the coming Obon vacation.

“Shaved ice is the best to beat the heat!”

PR ambassadors enjoyed their time to communicate with each other during the taste of Oden.

Finally, our PR ambassadors came to the last stop, “Minatogawa Daishokudou”, a newly-opened restaurant which offers Japanese cuisine made of fresh ingredients directly obtained from the Minatogawa Ichiba. Our PR ambassadors tasted the pot food “Oden” here and interacted with each other. The tour provided an opportunity for our
PR ambassador to boost their cultural experience of Japan in Kobe and facilitated cultural exchange peacefully.

The end of the 1st Tour to Minatogawa-chiku Shoutengai-Ichiba. Stay tuned for coming events!

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