Study Workshop of Smartphone Photography Seminar


The first event of photography seminar for our PR ambassadors this year was successfully held on July 28. The workshop was aimed at sharpening the photography skills of our PR ambassadors by using their smartphones. The lesson was taught by Ms. Noriko Matsuda, a renowned and professional photographer.

Ms Matsuda taught our PR ambassador to use different tools in our smartphones to take good pictures.

She demonstrated some critical photo-taking technique of shooting scenery, portrait, food, etc., by using a smartphone to our PR ambassadors. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the lesson was only limited to 10 people, but our PR ambassadors were very enthusiastic to participate and they enjoyed the seminar very much!

The best angle of taking portrait was demonstrated to our PR ambassadors.
The adjustment of brightness is key to take a good photo of food.

Stay tuned for our further reports!

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