Greetings from Kobe-PR-Ambassadors, Yogik Wijaya

Kobe PRAs

I’ll be spending many more years to come in Kobe, and am delighted to help spread the word about what I feel is one of the most diverse and unique cities in Japan. Thanks!

Hello everyone, my name is Yogik Onky Silvana Wijaya from Indonesia.

I have been living in Kobe city for the last 3 years. Kobe is a charming city and has a lot of hidden gems to offer. Introducing Kobe’s hidden gems to the world is one of my goals to become an Ambassador.  Kobe has an all-in-one package; the blue ocean, great mountains, delicate foods, great culture and more.

One of my personal favourite spots in Kobe is Rokko mountain. Hiking to Rokko Mountain was such a great escape from the crowds to relaxing and admiring mother nature.

Please come visit Kobe city and feel its warm hospitality that will make you feel like home.

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