Greetings from Kobe-PR-Ambassadors, Betsy Linehan-Skillings

Kobe PRAs

Why did you want to become a Kobe PR Ambassador?

I am head over heels in love with Kobe, so I became a Kobe PR Ambassador in order to give back to the town that I love by volunteering and promoting it to others! I already love exploring Kobe in my free time, so being a Kobe PR Ambassador is the perfect way to deepen my knowledge. Living and working in Kobe is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I want to discover all of the wonderful elements that Kobe has to offer. In addition, as a United States citizen, I also want to do my part to spread goodwill and build cultural bridges between Kobe and the United States.

My favorite spots in Kobe:

As an aspiring Kobekko, of course I love Harborland. No matter how many times I look out at the harbor and see Kobe Port Tower, it always makes my heart feel full. Another one of my favorite destinations is Nunobiki Herb Garden. In the spring, you can enjoy a relaxing foot-bath infused with fresh lavender and see the views from the top of Kobe.

I live in Suma, so I am also a big fan of Sumaura Kouen. I especially recommend going there to see the cherry blossoms because they a “night hanami” event where they light up the blossoms at night. It’s a gorgeous sight not to forget. I also love Suma beach for the beautiful views and the Suma aquarium. Finally, I love Suma Rikyu Kouen. It’s filled with flowers and greenery year round, and always has memorable events each season. I go there to relax and unwind on the weekends. And if you have a chance, please make sure to see the blooms during the Suma Rikyu Kouen Rose Festival!

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