Greetings from Kobe PR-Ambassadors, Paramjeet Kaur Bajaj

Kobe PRAs

Sawasdee Kha (in Thai) & Sat Sri Akalji (in Punjabi)!

My name is Paramjeet Singhprasong, I’m a Thai citizen of a Punjabi Sikh descent born and bred in Thailand. I’ve lived in Japan for the last 23 years. All 4 of my children are born and brought up here so this is home for us. This is the fourth year receiving the honor of being a Kobe PR Ambassador. I’m currently the PR Director of Ascot International School Japan and also the Director of Osaka Eiko Boeki Ltd with my Singaporean /Punjabi husband.

Being a Kobe PR Ambassador gave me a sense of pride living in paradise city. There are endless opportunities like a great network of talented and remarkable friends, discovering Kobe’s hidden treasures, chance to partake in intriguing local festivities and exhibitions, limelight appearances at times, communication and technological growth, and countless more.

Harborland is easily my frequently visited place for the entire family as it contains sights, entertainment, eateries and shopping. Something for everybody! Nunobiki Herb Garden is another of my favorites… The picturesque views within the greenhouse and on top of the hill all the way down is just so breathtaking!

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